Here is Onyxia’s 2019 season shopping list, aka all the things I need to buy over the winter and install:

  • DSC PASM v1 controller
  • HRE RC100 18x9 + 18x11
  • P235/40ZR18 + P305/35ZR18 racing tires
  • Dragon North R&D budget, “what’s in the parts bin that fits?”
    $375 82mm TB + $whatevericanscrounge

That was the cheap car. Here is my baby’s shopping list for 2019:

  • Full unibody restoration, bare metal
    $9,000 est. + $4,000 est. seam and stitch weld
  • Full interior reupholstering, correct materials
    $5,500 est.
  • Dragon North 22K3V engine build
    $5,000 est. excl. machining
  • A568 transmission conversion and modification
    $1,200 est. incl. machining
  • Replace Dragon North GVS-AGA-03 suspension with GVS-AGA-DN1
    $4,000-9,000 est.
  • General tuning services
    $5,000 budgeted (no I do not own a dyno or a race track)
  • Replace brakes with Wilwood engineered full-float system
    $4,500 budgeted
  • Replace all wheel sets, don’t ask what with
  • Buy up remaining P225/50ZR16 stock on earth

I really need this new job so I can spend less money on very necessary therapists.