when your mechanic starts the conversation with “how long do you plan on keeping this” and not “what brings you here today”

Overall the guy was a Hero. I called at 9 a.m. and he said to give him a couple hours and bring it down and we can put it on a lift. I give him the rundown of what I’ve been researching and he said its probably going to be about $2k but lets get it on a lift first. After spraying the massive quantities of oil off, he says it looks like the oil pan gasket. I told him that is something I’d do myself and would like to compensate him for the time he took to put it on a lift. He refused money, I left $10 on the table and said at least enjoy a 6 pack tonight. He knows the inevitable, I’ll be back.

yes, there is an Allroad in the parking lot on Google Street view. Mine lives for another day. Any advice on oil pan seal repair? not a gasket but goop.