You Want Colors?

This post originated from a friend who goes by Rattyfox on one of the Audi forms. Copied in his words below.

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....everyone bitches about limited paint options on many new cars (often, a dozen shades of dark black, and silver, and seven shades of white). Think I have read a few articles on this on Jalopnik and others.

Even if a automaker offers expensive color options, they are not called out.

Have you seen the G65 AMG? Look at that Skittles factory of colors they offer, all right there on the site. Sure, $15,000 for some, but still, it makes you think about it, it lets you see them from your own home.


Why do they have it for the G65, but not the other AMGs (look at the S65 AMG, super-boring, even the GT has boring stuff)? You can (probably?) get all of these options, but they don’t even show it online. Why does the G65 get it shown, and nothing else?

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