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You want HOW much???

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This is the place I moved out of 6 years ago, built around 1948. Thanks to rent control, I was paying $1359/mo. when market rates for the unit were between $2500 and $2600/mo. I would have been paying less, but for a few years I moved out of the 2 bd and moved to the 1 bd across the hall then back.


I visited the place last week and I see that they did add air conditioning (not really needed when year ‘round temp control could be easily handled by opening or closing a couple of windows - the joys of living a couple of miles from the coast). There are probably fancier cabinets and appliances as well, but still...

$4,595 and you still have to live with jets landing day and night, high crime, terrible parking, massive homeless encampments, etc. Yeah, good luck with that. All of a sudden Silicon Valley rents start to look semi-reasonable. So, unless I become insanely wealthy all of a sudden I can’t see myself moving back to Los Angeles.

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