I asked, you voted, so I’m doing it. Apparently a 500+ horsepower ugly-as-sin 1969 Mercury Cougar tickles your fancy more than 100 more horsepower for the already-working V8 M3, so here I go.

The big hangup with the Cougar was trying to find a transmission that would:

  • Bolt up to a small block Ford
  • Hold 500+ horsepower without shattering to bits
  • Not cost me an arm, a leg, my firstborn child, and my one of a kind autographed snorkel


Well I did it. I found one. It’s a TR-6060 from a 2007 Shelby GT500. It turns out that compared to an aftermarket TKO or T-56, these things are so cheap it’s disgraceful. And if you find one that’s just a little bit broken, it turns out you can pick it up for basically the core fee (plus a 400 mile drive).

“But wait!,” you’ll say. “A TR-6060 from a 2007 Mustang most definitely won’t bolt up to a small block Ford!” Well, internet naysayers everywhere, it almost will. And almost is close enough for me.


But more about that in a future post.

With the transmission in hand, I was able to buy a flywheel, test fit everything, then tear down the engine to prep it for the machine shop and the eventual buildup. Itshappening.gif


For now, I finally got around to putting together the footage of how not to flat tow a car, from when I pulled the Cougar out of its slumber and dragged it back to my garage. Spoiler alert: We didn’t crash. But it was mildly terrifying. Also there’s probably more man-ass than you care to see.

Next month’s episode will be all about ditching the Cougar’s stock open 2.70 9" rear end and slamming in an 8.8" from an Explorer, complete with a 3.73 LSD and disc brakes.