Until recently, the only way to enjoy an Escort in the Big Apple was to open yourself to blackmail by said Escort and Cayman Islands publishing conglomerates. While this creates lots of work for your neighborhood district attorney, it creates lots of hassles for you. Where does the discerning driver turn for a fun time with an Escort that doesn’t result in criminal prosecution?

Enter this 1998 Ford Escort available for $2000 in Queens, New York. You will fall in love with it, but it won’t threaten to go to the media if you don’t drive it every day. It understands its role as an Escort. It has all the power toys, but doesn’t have AC, so your time together will be hot and electric. Though it has a lot of miles, it has passed a full undercarriage inspection, and, and you really can’t do better for $2000. Use the last $500 for a romantic drive to the Hamptons with your new Escort.


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