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You yanks missed out on the best Civic Type R ever

So you guys across the pond are all excited about the new Civic Type R hitting your shores. But you’ve missed out on the best one...and no, i’m not even talking about the legendary EP3.

The FK2. The one that was sold for only two years.

Compared to this beast, the FK8 is just tame...and mild.


Due to logistical issues I was the last journalist in the UK to drive this Black Edition FK2 Type R...a month after I drove the new FK8.

It’s a PR nightmare. Having a journo waxing lyrical over a car you no longer produce, especially when you’re trying to shift the all new model.

So, sorry Honda. But the FK2 is THE best Civic Type R you’ve ever built.

Full feature with many more words and imagery on the FK2 Civic Type R available on carwitter.com


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