If you mistook the ‘16 Accord Sport for a Mercedes Benz at a distance. With the new dark taillights and those 19” wheels that are exclusive to the Sport, it definitely has a hint of that M-B style:

For comparison, a 2016 S Class coupe:

From the front it’s not as easy to make that mistake. I don’t understand why they gave it the ‘12 Civic/’15 CR-V treatment.

Personally, I think it would look better with the nose from the coupe:


But as I mentioned yesterday, the guys in the back put our red dimensions leather in it. Personally I would have gone with red stitch, but the rest of the stitching in the car is opal gray.


I think if I were shopping for family sedans, a San Marino Red Accord Sport would be at the top of my list. With the 6-speed stick. There’s only one for sale within 500 miles of Charlotte.