I am very excited for my Step cousin-in law, who is also one of my best friends. He’s 17 years old and yesterday he bought his first car. A manual, 1985 325e, 2 door.

random pic, not his car.

If you ask me that’s a pretty freaking awesome first car, especially considering it’s now what 12 years older than him. He had looked at other cars, including a 94 Taurus SHO, and a couple Civics, and a Golf or two, but the E30 was the one that one him over. And I can certainly understand why, infact I’m a little jealous.

So here’s to a young man making a bold decision, and taking a risk, buying an old BMW, for no other reason than the love of cars. May we all wish him good luck.

Also I think I’m going to order him one of these stickers. although he’s no the kind of person to have something like this visible on his car.