You'd think after 2.5 inches of lift clearance wouldn't be a concern.

But 12.5" with -44mm offset says otherwise. Some snips and zip ties and I can lock to lock without rubbing.

The fender guard as a slot cut and pulled back, 2 new mounting holes drilled. Then the flat horizontal got a vertical cut then 2 holes drilled, zip tied back to convenient factory frame holes. So long as they dont stretch I’m good, but if such is the case I’ll upgrade to some steel cable ties if I can find ones long enough.


To clarify the rub was minimal, maybe a couple inches and just barely touching. Red line is where the fender inner was, blue is the rub. 

She has an appointment at the dealership tomorrow for an alignment and tire balance (Custom Offsets had a bad batch of weights. Picked up one wheel and the sticker weight fell right off. Called em, left a message, they called me back the next day and said hey we got a bad batch, get the balanced and we’ll reimburse you. Fun fact - my local Powerstroke Performance doesn’t have a wheel balance machine and Firestone can’t balance 35's). Cavalier Ford can - hopefully they’ll be able to recalibrate my speedo if not I’ll Forscan - hush, yes I said Forscan.

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