The last pic will amaze you!

With the Riviera stranded at my girlfriend’s house with a dead fuel pump and the retaining ring completely seized in place, the only thing for it was to take the rusted-to-shit Ford Exploder 5.0 that I had just fixed and flat-tow the Riviera 10 miles to my friend’s shop. 30 miles an hour in a 4000 lb car being towed by a truck with a 3500 lb towing limit by someone who had never towed anything before, in a car with no power brakes. SWELL.

The Explorer had absolutely no way to attach this large tow rope, so I found this ratchet strap sitting around. It only broke once.


Used baling wire to keep the hooks from coming out of the bumper.

My ass could have made diamonds from coal. I don’t suggest trying this any time soon. On the Riviera’s side the tow strap is just looped around the front crash bar.


Suck my dick, Tavarish.