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You'll Learn To Love Glamping In This Dodge Tradesman Camper

The first generation Dodge B-series van was a full sized workhorse built from 1971 through 1978 on what Dodge called a uniframe fully welded platform. This allowed the Dodge van to be lighter and stronger with a lower load floor compared to the competition and gave the Dodge better handling characteristics.

It also makes for a fantastic vehicle for glamping — which is like camping, except you replace mosquitos and dysentery with glamor. Seems to defeat the purpose of camping to me, but all the kids are doing it these days. Find this 1971 Dodge Tradesman 200 Camper Van offered for $9,800 in Carmichael, CA via craigslist. Tip from Kaibeezy.


A quick search for Dodge Vans from the same era gives a horror flick slideshow of free candy vans that will give you serious second thoughts about leaving your house. Granted, the seller of this Van might also be a serial killer, but you'll probably be suffocated gently with a frilly fringed pillow and your body parts neatly diced to be stored in small decorative music boxes. This is a much preferred death to the typical rock-to-the-head and stuffed into a shallow grave death that is expected from the average craigslist transaction.

The inside of this Tradesman has a setup for lunch for four (maybe they've got a few finger sandwiches left from the last guy who came to look at the car) and sleeping accommodations for the entire cast of your amateur production of Cats.


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