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Guess The McMower

At first un-boxing. Seems weird to buy a $100 deck for a $200 lawn mower.

Welcome to the game I like to call“Guess The Theme.” A prizeless contest where I post a step in a lawn mower paint job every day while guesses are made as to what it will be, and then eventually post the rest of the photos.

I picked up this new deck back in November to replace the damaged deck on my flame mower (link below), and was trying to figure out what to do with this one.

Step 1, debadge and undercoat. The paint that came on the new deck was a little thin in places. Sanded and painted underneath.
Step #3 roughen/sand surface to prep for paint.
Step #4 White base coat. Could be the base color, or just a prime for other colors.
Step #5 - Look, some red.
Step #6, I put tape on it.
STep #7 - I also like blue
Step #8, remove some tape.
Step #9 More tape would be fine!
Step #10, Some light blue
Step #11, more tape.
Step #12 - Two more coats of white. (I don’t have a photo of this step, so just imagine there’s tape and paint under there.

You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!

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