I found the original barely used keys to my 1977 Trans Am (Update, Die-Trying guess it close-enough-to-right, they were between the quarter panel outer skin and the trunk pan/frame rail. Where nothing should ever fall, but GM is STUPID and left it open and barely accessible except to the smallest of bendy-grabbing tools)

Plus whatever that top key was for. Oh and that 14mm Craftsman socket.

And by barely used I mean... just look at the lack of wear compared to the key that came in the igniton:

The cuts are similar, so I’m not sure if it even fits the steering column I have, but I will try that later. I also have to go through my pile o’ parts to see if I even have a door key... or even the door locks, come to think of it.

Meanwhile, I was also able to move it out toward the middle of the garage (since none of our cars trucks will be using it this winter) and put the whole thing on jackstands so I can finish the floor, check over the rear end, and once the floors are done mount the front subframe to get it rolling again. We plan to move next year so the car needs to move too.


UPDATE EDIT: Those who have guessed near the trunk area have been the warmest overall in the hot/cold game.


UPDATE EDIT #2: C’mon guys, think TRUNK...

Picture of rust holes, but keys were not IN said rust holes FYI