out there somewhere you got a friend

also...i got called into the bosses office and didnt get fired.... holy shit

he called me in to say people will need to be let go... but im safe and should i be let go i get a months notice O.o


well fucking sweet.... i know im safe for at least a month (but i guess this means im doing something right)

now if he could have sacked a guy before instead of after calling me into the office it would have avoided some bad optics.. but well... hes an office wonk... he tried

and luckily everyone i work with knows i dont talk much...and i talk less if its to management

feel bad for the sacked dude tho... mostly coz its his mate that caused all the shit... but hes one of 2 people that know how to weld water tanks..(im the other one)... sooo dude got black sheeped outta the shop


i think his mate might quit in solidarity tho.... wich means im fucked...i already have more work than i can do..... but if he does quit..i think ill have to give him some kudos for not being the total fuckwit i thought he was/is

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