I think I’m becoming a grump oppo.

First (actual order may vary according to egregiousness) there was the guy you wouldnt clean up the cigarette butts because “*whiney noise* I don’t smoke so why should I do what my boss says”

Then there was the holier than thou kid on the front page showing off his shitty gray ford and saying “maybe if you really respected your car you wouldnt get in accidents. Let me demonstrate by posting 3 shitty picture of my shitty car so you can bathe in my shitty glory because obviously I respect my car sooo much more than anyone else and I’m so special.


Finnaly there was the guy who was crying over spilt bronco, and how flipping the photo of the drivers side was triggering his tears because it reminded him of the passenger side. Oh my god I used to ride on the passenger side it’s like my dad dieing all over again.


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