Photo from Edmunds

The year is 2025; you’ve been in the workforce for at least a few years and have earned enough money to buy a nice vehicle. A wife is not around yet, so children are probably out of the picture, too. It’s just you, a decent job, and some money! However, marriage and starting a family sound pretty cool within the next ten years; for a long-term purchase, the 2025 NE Miata of your dreams will remain a dream.

So, using today’s car market, which vehicle, new or used, could you see yourself in once you’re doing well in work and have a family? A vehicle I’ve always liked is the Lexus ES300h; it’s pretty, spacious, loaded with features, fuel efficient, a Lexus, and comes in blue and red. Also, unlike most luxury vehicles, it uses Regular gas. Used examples are selling in the low to mid-20's around me, which seems very reasonable. I’ve toyed with cars like a blue Golf R as potential vehicles in the far future, but honestly, an ES300h seems to tick all the boxes and will be seen as professional. Please leave your suggestions below!