For once this isn’t the issue.
For once this isn’t the issue.

Since I’m the go to tech guy for everyone I know, I often get greeted with stuff like “Come help my phone won’t stay charged” and usually it’s the fact they have their brightness on 100% and all notifications on.

This time the battery usage showed that Facebook had used 30% of the battery over the last 7 days except they won’t get rid of it. I tried using CoconutBattery to check how it was doing, but that didn’t work because I don’t have iTunes on my macbook so the phone wasn’t recognized. Aside from FaceBook being Facebook, what else could cause battery life to be about 2-3 hours on a reasonably new phone. As far as I’ve heard, the 6s isn’t their best product but battery life has apparently dropped significantly over the last 3 days.


Phone is a 6S (I think) running some variant of IOS 10 (or are we at IOS 10S Plus yet?)

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