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What's your best average MPG?

Citizens of Oppo! Around a week ago, we did :

Now, lets flip it around. This time, show me the best average MPG you have achieved! Same rules, meaning at least 5 miles for the distance, and average MPG's only (please don't take a picture of the instant MPG gauge in your H2 reading 99 MPG while driving downhill in neutral). This time, I want to see how much we can beat the manufacturer estimates by.


From Merc's website:

And what I was able to get:


(Note: This was done on the highway at the lowest possible RPMs in 7th gear with the windows up, A/C off, slipstreaming an 18-wheeler. Basically, everything short of folding in the side mirrors and taping the panel gaps. I am proud of this.)

So, I beat Merc's estimate by ~21.3%. I'm sure you have way better. No need for pics if you don't have them, just tell us your best vs. what the manufacturer estimates for your car.

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