This is probably going to terrify you, but you have a ticking time bomb in your driveway. If you have a consumer transportation device, there’s a good chance it has a tank full of gasoline. Which means if you drive your kid around in it, you’re driving them around in a firebomb too.

Oh, but actually all the dangers surrounding gasoline have been engineered away and mitigated to the point that it’s motherfucking goddamned ridiculous to seriously expect that your specific car is going to explode at any moment. Even if you hear about a new vehicle that has problems with fires, you will also hear about a massive recall effort on the part of the company likely before anyone dies or is seriously injured. Indeed, your car under the right conditions could catch fire and explode. But it’s far, far, far more likely that you will operate cars for your entire life without being involved in a single fire related incident.

Given that, saying every car on the road is just a massive fireball waiting to happen at any moment’s one of the dumbest things a person could write.