“You’ve seen it around town, you see it in your dreams, you think about it while driving your car...

Ladies and Gentlemen [drum roll]

May I introduce my 1988 Subaru GL Hatchback!

Her name is “My New Car”.

You don’t have to use that name.

That’s just what I’ve called her for a year.


She has a 5 spd manual trans, 2wd, 4cyl flat motor,

Hitachi 2 barrel carburetor, 210K miles and so much swagger.


Your friends will beg to borrow her, but oh no, you can hog all 73 hp all to yourself.

She has a built in dog bed, push button start, runs great, leaks no oil or gas (unless someone siphons the gas. PS, if you’re the person who siphoned my $1.84 per gallon gas, don’t bother trying again. I fill the tank with bath water at night).


When I found the car she wasn’t much to look at.


In fact, the friend who took me to pick it up wouldn’t even sit in the seats for a test ride. #boughtnewseats, #bestfriendwisheshiscarhadhalfasmuchswagger

It has taken 10 months and way more money than I’ll ever see again to get her on the road. The work is done and it was totally worth every penny. I’ve had my fun building the car and now I’m ready for a new project car.


The price is negotiable.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done:
New Exhaust
Both valve cover gaskets
Crank Seal
CV axles
Custom made rocker panels
Clutch cable
Repaired clutch pedal assembly


Rear Shocks
Fuel pump
Fuel filter


Bucket Seats from an Acura RSX
Shift knob
Shift boot with red stitching (this may seem trivial, but it’s probably my favorite part.)
Painted most of interior black
Painted exterior trim black
Painted wheels gold

Painted stick that holds rear hatch open black (correction, this is my favorite part)
Rear hatch glass
Made back seat into a dog bed
Yakima Roof Rack
4 different repair manuals


and many other little bits here and there.


Also, I have a set of gold 15" Drag DR-20 wheels and tires. They are 4x100 and will fit most Hondas. They don’t fit this car but I’ll throw them in or sell them separately.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Call or Text.

Thanks, Daniel”


Editorial notes: This thourough craigslist ad has been transposed for further preservation and may or may not still be available due to the relative shelf life of a craigslisting verus Kinja.

Add EJ22 and button indicating plaid mode.Also, not mine. Also not cheap by a negotiable factor. $1250 perhaps. Maybe less. Hey, gotta ask, right?