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Your Chimera?

That dream that won’t go away, but will probably never be achieved. For me it is an e type. Had a few very close calls where I probably could have made a purchase happen, but for various reasons didn’t pull the trigger.

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I am in a perpetual state of lust for one of these, but with projects going for $40k these days.... Passed on a 10k project about 5 years ago. Unless they get considerably cheaper or I get richer it just doesn’t look like it will happen, my disposable income has been losing a race with prices for the last 40 years.

I am a tail end Boomer, these are Boomer lust cars mostly. Maybe the older guys will start aging out and a small glut of these cars on the market will drive prices down, likely wishful thinking.


Do younger guys look at early nineties RX7s and Supras or ??? In the same way?

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