These are the answers to the most basic of automotive questions I asked my friends.

Question 1: Name 3 car brands.

Best LOL answer: Mustang, Toyota, BMW.

Thoughts: Most struggled to give 2 answers.

Question 2: What is a sedan?

Best LOL answer: A type Honda?

Thoughts: Technically right. The common answer was, “A type of car”.

Question 3: (Showing them a Mercedes Benz logo) What brand is this?

Best LOL Answer: Ford.

Thoughts: “Peace sign” was the common answer. 2 of them did answer correctly.

Last Question: (Showing them a picture of a Viper) What car is this?

Best LOL Answer: A Bugatti or Maserati, wait, they are the same thing right?

Thoughts: Flattered :) One of my friends answered, “the car Paul Walker died in on FF 6”.


I’ll try to teach them a little more of what I know so they don’t end up like the pic below lol :)

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