Your %DV of First World Problems

Because it’s a moderately slow Friday and I feel like complaining about trivial BS to kill time. Some are automotive related. Some are not.

Chicken or egg scenario—which did I notice first, the Colorado or the sticker?

- Washer fluid bottles. This is a three-parter. Is there a law that says they have to be awkwardly placed? On those with the flip-top cap, why is there no way to hold the cap open? We HAVE the technology. Why do automakers persist in making washer bottles that will not swallow the entire jug?


- People who send pictures in the body of emails. Inevitably the quality is shit and the image is sideways or upside down. Have to jump through all kinds of hoops to do what should be a 1-step process. Stahp

- I have a special hatred for people who pull this crap. At least, for people who I can SEE pull that crap. I’ve said before, I really don’t give a damn what you do on the road as long as it affects only yourself... but these guys are asswipes. Deciding to make your movements unpredictable, in traffic, with no way out if things go wrong... yeah, go head-butt a barrier. I encourage it.

- People who brake for flashing pedestrian signals. Especially those who use the countdown type to stop at the line just as the light turns yellow. FYI, the guy in behind is now fighting the urge not to push you into the intersection to get t-boned by a bus. Kindly. Keep. Going. The pedestrian signal is not for you.

- “Merge” does not mean “yield” unless there is literally no other choice.

- Related to the last point, people who brake to change lanes. There are some circumstances where I’m OK with it, if there are no options ahead and there’s nobody behind to obstruct, but most of the time that doesn’t apply. WRONG PEDAL


- WHY do people do this. The only people you fool are the ones that don’t care.

- People who turn into the furthest lane possible, and refuse to accelerate to avoid traffic that was already there. Related.


- *Ring ring* I just called to let you know I sent you an email. Uh, yeah? It comes through whether you call or not. If I haven’t had time to get to it, calling and interrupting what I was doing isn’t going to speed me up.

That’s all for now folks. Have a good day. Obligatory Leafs spam:

Hello old guy, you seem fun :)

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