I grew up all kinds of PC in my life and stuck with it forever. I’m pretty sure changing to a fruit-based computer product won’t be all that bad, but my life grew parallel with the evolution of PC’s, so they weren’t common place then like they are today for any kid starting school. Uncomfortable.

My schools went PC to Apple AFTER I graduated (92). That includes college (97). So I have a natural resistance to buying a Macbook air, because it’s always been not just the outsider but it always functioned differently. Whered the other mouse button go? etc.

Today, MAC is in everyone’s commputer lab, grade school, High-School, College, and for the graphically inclined, a pretty good platform. Also, something to think about, the majority of the best selling writers run with the Macbook air/pro or imac at home. There’s something to that sort of reliability.

Now my games aren’t epically high-powered PC hogs, I’m just not into that anymore and what stuff I do play comes from the steam network and is mostly enjoyble time passing. I’m 43. I used to watercool and hot rod my own multi-core boxes and I just don’t care about that anymore (although i am proud of overclocking an AMD XPm-2500+ to 50%).

I love a great keyboard and something that turns on and simply works well without fiddling with settings, updates, right clicking properties to change variables so software finally works, compatibility issues, etc. That is what’s drawing me to the macbook series. I travel A LOT and I’m writing much much much more. Not that I write well or anything.


So please tell me of your diffficulties, loves, hates, or anything at all about your experience in changing to a MAC after your whole life grew up around the PC. Especially if you did so over forty. Change like that is difficult for us grups. You kids will see someday.