Your friend shitting in your car

Have you ever had this happen?

Well I did, and true no bs story. Was a car I bought for my wife, when we bought it it had 50k kms.

2005 Like new.


Great condition, up to the point my friend shat in his pants it had accumalated 120k ish kms mainly highway. So real new. Only thing was the harsh aussie sun.

My friend is a real christian fanatic. The kind that goes to church to play social activities like i don't know what and ping pong. never misses a ping pong game, has bad teeth, always goes on church camps. is about 25 has never had a job, and does university study full time for years now.

So i pick him up, took him to mcdonalds coz he is hungry, waited for him to take his own sweet time while he reads a paper (and all the time i am keeping my distance coz he looks manky) and then takes a shit and comes into my car with shit still on his pants. like a meatball stuck on his trousers, in the back pocket area.

So i freak out, without cussing at him, or shouting offensively, I took him to a local nearest hardware store as it had toilets, and then called my wife asking her what to do. I was actually hoping she would give me the greenlight to ditch him, subconsciously, but she is too nice as we both are.


Any Shit like this happen to you? And by the way, yeah, he sat in the car with his crap. He described the accident due to "off flow"

edit:the car is since gone now. thank god.

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