Your Guide To Buying Proper Safety Equipment For Your LeMons Race

It’s about that time of year when people with SA2005 helmets need to start the 5 year refresh of their safety equipment, i’d consider myself a “frugal” shopper and this is my second time purchasing safety gear since either 1) it’s about to expire or 2) it’s old and it needs to expire. Here’s my guide to help you get every bit of protection for the least amount of dollars.

1. Racing suit. They don’t expire, and you can buy slightly old stock for dirt cheap. Speedway motors has a fantastic deal on Alpinestars suits. Google a coupon code for 15% off of Garage sale items and an $800 suit suddenly becomes $160 shipped.


2. Shoes. They’re also important, and they also do not expire. Speedway Motors has yet another terrific deal on Alpinestars products. Here’s a pair for $30.

3. Gloves. Here they are for $30. Another matching Alpinestars product to make sure your outfit matches and you look spectacular.


4. Helmet. This is one of those things where you don’t want to “cheap out”, but at the same time you don’t want to spend $800. There are a LOT of good options out there, and almost every SA2010 helmet is on sale, but unfortunately they’re on sale because they expire in four years. For a $400 helmet, you’re spending $100 a year and $20 a day if you attend five track days/events a year. For that price you might as well just rent a helmet from your local track and call it a day (Jk germs are gross). After a good amount of research, I decided to get the G-Force GF3 helmet. The FRP shell is $250 and if you want to ball out of control you can grab the carbon shell for $350.

5. Hans Device. If you care about making sure your neck doesn’t snap on impact, you’ll buy a hans device. Chump car forums were going insane over this deal which is a Hans sport 2 for $350 shipped. About $250 cheaper than what you would normally find it at. This isn’t always “required” and if the car isn’t caged/roll bar with a set of harnesses, it’s actually useless. However if you’re competing in wheel to wheel racing, even in grassroots w2w, a hans might save your life because as well all know, shit happens.


6. Underwear. Supposing your suit is not a two (or higher) layer suit, you’ll need this.

7. Socks. Because you should wear socks, and not only because they’re required.

If we’re keeping count here, you’re spending about $850 for everything you’ll need to race LeMons and then some. Hans isn’t a strict requirement, but I’d hope you believe your life is worth a few hundred more. This is after a few hours of scouring the internet to find the absolute best deals to bring to my Jaloppo people, you know... after having bought the good stuff myself.

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