No, this isn't a stupid, hypothetical question. It's a simple one; what is your idea of the perfect drive?

Everybody is different and even a group of like-minded individuals may disagree on the same subject. For example; one enthusiast may say that his perfect moment behind the wheel lasts ten seconds, between launch and a quarter mile away. Another will tell you that there's nothing to beat being behind the wheel of a classic sports-car cruising PCH on a sunny day. Yet someone else will disagree, will tell you that the only way to achieve motoring Nirvana is on a track - made of dirt, tarmac or something in between. I don't think there are many out there, but I'm sure that there are some folk who find their moment of peace and joy behind the wheel of their appliance-mobile in bumper to bumper traffic, those precious moments between the hassle of work or the hassle of home.

Oh, and then there are those freaky two-wheeler guys - the ones on dick rockets and chopped motorsickles... but they're barely human, some subhuman species of degenerate motoring fiends. They are to proper car culture what meth is to drug culture... or bath salts. (This entire paragraph is pure sarcasm, you dickbag bikers, so slow your roll because I totally didn't see you in my blind spot, whoops)

The point is this: For every enthusiast, for every avenue of exploration, there are a thousand different tastes and I'm just genuinely interested in what you, my fellow Opponauts, think of as the perfect drive.

Now I get that some of us have less experience than others and if Chris Harris were to reply we'd probably take his opinion with less grains of salt then, say... mine. That's okay. That's an important part of the culture and of Oppo - we have DustyVenture co-drivers and LeMons champion contenders, we have DeMuro's with their ambitious kickassery but we also have, no offense intended, kids who're yet to get behind the wheel, or whose driving experience is even more limited than my own. For many of them, for many of us, and just for many, the hobby of living vicariously through the experiences of others is a perfectly valid area of discovery. There should be a wealth of variety in the comments, right?



I, myself, am torn.

You see, a part of me absolutely loves a challenging drive behind the wheel of a capable, responsive car with real feel but then there's another part of me, the roadtripper, which can find no greater bliss then putting miles on the clock at a hundred miles per, exploring new roads and seeing new sights. That part of me, it loves the idea of a classic Japanese sports car, it loves the idea but it knows that, logically, there are other choices which would better accommodate that kind of voyage. A grand tour in a grand tourer or a jaunty drive along the challenging coast roads of Vancouver Island and the West Coast in a noisy, smelly, awesome car full of feels? I'm torn.


Maybe your replies will split the difference.


Here's my favorite route and drive, at present. The wife and I do this drive often in the summer months, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. Because I was asked, here it is. Thoughts, Opponauts?