I've finally decided to commit to doing my first track day, and I would like your input; but, first, a little about me.

I'm not completely ignorant of my way around a track or a car. I've done the autocross thing, I've worked as a marshall at several non-pro and pro track events, and I even went so far as to convince my wife we needed a 5-spd family car (not an SUV) when we found out she was pregnant. I'm the lucky guy that ended up with this UrS6 (and an amazing wife)

...the dog is staying home.

So, apart from, "get plenty of sleep, check air pressure, top off fluids, don't be an idiot, and most of all have fun", what tips do y'all have to keep from ending up in a compilation video like this?

I'll either be at Sears Point or Laguna Seca (pending confirmation of work travel), either of which should be amazingly fun. When it's all done, I'll post up a report with my own learnings and tips should anyone be interested.


Obligatory: photo of my young gear-head in training at Sears Point this past weekend.

Cheers - jg