Your morning dose of useless FIAT 126 info!

That means unnecessary FIAT 126 tidbits of information! :D

This is the toolkit that came with every FIAT 126:

These are special-order seats you could have fitted in your FSO Polonez or FIAT 126 - Inter Groclin! Quite rare and sought after, although being tall, and where the seats in the 126 flip forward with a hinge at the front of the seat....they’ll just hit the roof if you try to get into the back and leave you no space to slip past :P


There is little room for big feet in the driver’s footwell, and the pedals (as in the classic 500) have an odd layout.

These holes are SUPPOSED to be in the front spare tire well - they are to let water / moisture drain out if any were to get in!


I’ll leave you with a 126 in fine company...and this video I found, which is amusing! :)


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