So, my wife and I have a credit card that is at its limit, and has been for a while. We’re slowly paying it off, but a good chunk of it is interest. MrsZtp suggested we get a newer card to pay off the old balance, then pay off the newer card that won’t have any interest. Has anyone done that here? Is it even recommended?

I’m not too comfortable with the idea of getting a new card, and I know the idea of transferring the balance and paying it with no interest is attractive, but my gut says it’s a bad idea (not sure why it says that though). I’m a bit content with how things are because we are currently stable with our costs/spending. Adding another credit card to the mix might upset that balance, so naturally I’m being super cautious.


So oppo, has anyway here paid off a old credit card balance with a new card? I’m looking for opinions and insight. Thanks.

Edit: I forgot to mention, we haven’t used the old card in a while. And we mainly used it for expensive purchases that were rational or something that needed to be fixed adapt, like the car.

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