What auto/oppo related things did you do this weekend? Take a drive? Shine your car? Change the blinker fluid? Show us pics/video!

Down here in Austin we had a bit of rain and sun, and the local BMW clubs took over the Circuit of the Americas for some driving, training, and racing with folks coming in from as far away as Cali and Florida...I almost felt guilty taking my 30 minute drive down to the track.

I'm still fairly new to this, but here's a lap of wet and dry in my 2011 M3 (stock, with a rather newbie driver, me)

First, the wet...this track is great fun in the rain, with amazing grip!

Next, one of my later dry laps. It was a new personal best, but I was pushing harder than normal which led to a few mistakes:

And some other fun car sightings from the weekend:

This is the underside of a Cadillac ATS-V that was evidently for an upcoming Cadillac event at the track


Next, a new C7 Z06 with wicked aero...


...and one of my favorite track-going vehicles of the weekend, this lovely CTS-V that checked all the right boxes. 500+ HP, longroof, stick, lovely color. Hmmm, lots of GM love here...I guess they stood out among the sea of BMWs!


(and that 2002 lined up next to it on the grid was very nice)

Finally, a few more from the weekend:


SOOOO, what did your weekend look like?