This story is in its 23rd day of missed opportunities to please this customer. Botched repairs, missing parts, mysterious new parts that need to be replaced, a non-communicative store, and not much of a corporate presence.

I get there and there he was. Holy shit, the store manager.... right in front of me. He apologized, and told me he was on vacation the last two weeks, and he was going to knock $100 off the price of the repair. Was $149, is now $49. I'm sure my time is worth more than 10/day, but whatever.. I paid them to fix it.

He seemed to be a confident dude who was embarrassed this had gotten so screwed up.


On my way to the register to pay, I noticed the glass wasn't flush with the bezel.

WTF seriously?

I could see back-light LEDs through the gap at the bottom. I could fit my fingernail underneath it and pry the glass up.


Tomorrow is day 24, and goddamnit, I'm making them fix that shit.

I am looking the fool more and more as each day goes by.