Since image comments came back, blog related stress has totally gone out the window.

It entertains me to think that we are transcending in some cases the different tribal dialects we as humans have used forever (the same ones that keep people separate) in favour of something universal and pictorial—something universally understood like memes.

And what really entertains me is that before written and spoken dialects created the divisions in our prehistoric ancestors, we had these:

So in effect, our earliest ancestors used pictorials to communicate ideas in a way that didn't need stratified languages, and now, here in the present, users of the world's largest cave (the internet) have begun to come full circle back to common visual languages like memes. Digital cave paintings.


When we lost that here, all hell didn't break loose, but it was almost a war. Because we had to talk with words without the augmentative bridge of broadly understood memes and photos that we had grown accustomed to using. Lots of strife going backward like that.

Which makes you think... How far will common visual languages like memes augment our spoken words in the centuries and millennia to come? And how important and formative will it be in transcending into something more homogenous in terms of global communication? It's not so far fetched. Especially considering that we have exponentially accelerated our world into more of a visually rich experience with our smart phones and the way UI design has gone since the days of DOS. Object oriented people. A curious thought.

I do wonder if thousands of years from now, historians will data mine the beginnings of this and say "there, right there, cheezburger, that was the genesis of how we became monocultural and resolved a lot of issues."


If you are high as fuck right now, I'm sorry, but please enjoy the futurist philosophy hole I have just laid out.