I have a superpower. As a benefit of my job I can travel non-revenue standby on one of the largest airlines in the world. That means I can go almost anywhere for free or next to nothing. It is an amazing benefit. We have used it to go all over the world. There is a “kriptonite” to this power. There need to be empty seats on the flight for it to work. If the flight is full of paying passengers you simply are not going. Sometimes, like today, there are open seats, but other revenue sources take your place. Today we didn’t get on a flight from Portland to Tokyo because the flight was cargo optimized. They will limit the amount of seats that can be filled to haul cargo. We knew going in this was a risk, but took the chance anyway. We are working on plan B to get over to Japan for a few days to hit Tokyo Disney. We are headed to another gateway city to try again tomorrow.

Our family is used to it. We accept it. You have to have the right temperament to get the most out of it. You have to be creative to make it work, but it is worth it. So, do you have a superpower? If you have questions about nonrev travel let me know and I will try and answer them.