Motorsport Safety Foundation has started a program to certify instructors. I happen to be one of those newly certified instructors. I like the card the sent me as my crazy eye should give you some idea of what happens once we strap into a car.

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That’s a cool card and all but for all they know I could be legally blind. That’s a “stage one” card which means I put a few hours and a good amount of effort into an online training class — it’s no joke and it has to do with teaching, not driving quite as much. (Common mistakes are tested to see if you’re aware of what students will do to try to kill you.) It’s all that was offered at the time — last month — but today they announced a partnership with both SCCA and MOMO. Hooked on Driving is in on it too. Here’s a recent article about it all.


I’m a fan of this kind of certification. I’m also an ASA certified sailing instructor and can guarantee that if you can’t pass the written and the on-the-water solo exercises you’ve got no business teaching offshore heavy weather sailing as you’ll be too busy dirtying your knickers here in the SF Bay Area.

Anyway I think the idea that an instructor can educate you on how to drive safely is better than a ride along with someone who can drive faster than you but can’t articulate why.


I see no down side to this. I’m also shocked it’s not existed already but hey so it goes.

Anyway, it’s a new thing. I’m on board. Anyone else going down this road for shits and giggles or just me? Or if you’ve never driven on a track would that 🤪 card somehow make you feel more confident that the guy urging you to trust the car to hold through the turn knows what he is doing?

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