In Germany, the cheapest petrol you can get is E10, which is 95 octane laced with 10 % ethanol. That's what I get because, well I said it already, it's the cheapest! I've read enough on that matter to know that the more expensive options won't give me magic increases in horsepower or mpgs. I'm far from being a hypermiler, every chance I get to do so (safely and responsibly of course!) I drive like my pants are on fire. If I have to spend €5-10 more on a 300 km trip for going into full on beserk mode on an empty autobahn, that is well worth it in my books.

But I don't spend more on fuel than I have to! I watch the prices rises and fall, and try to only fill up when they are low. I also top up a 2/3's full tank, when the time is right.

So I was quite shocked to see that a few of my best friends waste money on more expensive non-ethanol fuels. And their explanations were even worse.

- "Yeah, well, I sometimes get E10 when I feel like it. But ahhh, it's not such a big difference anyway." (Guy drives a Fiat Panda and writes for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of Germany's finest newspapers. Going E10 would pay for half a pack of his smokes.)

- "Oh, you are filling up on E10? Interesting!" (Guy drives a brand new Skoda and teaches 5th-10th grade. Again, half a pack.)


So what do you fill up on?

(Just so that you get an idea what this weirdo is ranting about: on a cheap day E10 is at €1.50/liter = $7.55/gallon; Non-laced 95 is over €1.55/liter = $7.80, Other stuff with higher octanes is even more.)