Going fast for four is the idea behind most super sedans. By super sedans I'm are talking about the M5, Panamera, CLS63 AMG, ETC. Although I respect this idea, I think almost all of the higher end models are over priced. For example, an F10 M5 costs $90,900 new for the base car. The base 5 series (in the US) is the 528i which, new, costs $49,500 base price. Both cars have basically the same features, same body, and same interior. Only the engine/drivetrain and electronics have been changed. For nearly twice the price, I would want more than that. I understand a lot of time and money go into developing the cars so that they perform the way that they do, but is it really worth that much? I'm not saying that they are bad cars, I just think that if you are spending $100k on a new car, you should get more for your money. As far as used cars, (E55, E60, ETC) I can understand because after depreciation, they aren't worth much. I think buying a nice sport sedan that can take a family plus a sports car for the weekends is a more logical solution than combining the two. To prove my point, here are the kind of combinations you could get for the price of an M5.

  • F30 328i and Jaguar F type - $106k
  • Mid range A4 and Cayman S - $101k
  • C7 Corvette and XTS - $97k
  • 528i and GT500 - $105k

So what are your thoughts on this?