Your thoughts Oppo?

So I have a ‘07 Pontiac Grand Prix. In the past the the blower motor has stopped working, only to work again the same or next day. Then last Saturday it stopped again, and hasn’t started up. Let me iterate what I’ve done, and please share with me your thoughts.

What I’ve been working with.

So I have heat and a/c, the fan that pushes it into the cabin isn’t working; I’ve confirmed this. I tested the voltage to the blower motor, and had nothing, so I bought a blower motor resistor, got home and installed it, only to find I have no power to the resistor. I jumped the gun on the purchase, I know.


I check the ohms for the [correct] fuse, and there is 0.4. I followed the red and black wires to behind the CD player, and found the connection below.

The connection.

I checked the ohms for the burnt part (aka the red wire), it’s good. I turned on the car and then checked to see if there is power from the female end, and there is 14 v. Baffled, I went to double checked the other wires, and I hear a squeaking...the blower motor has power again.

I should also mention that I’ve found evidence that I’m not the first person to tear the dash apart; there’s a few non-vital screws missing. And the wire from the resistor to connector is wrapped in electrical tape, while everything else is covered in a sheath.


So my thoughts are that the wire is bad from the CD player to the resistor. I think the motor got power once I moved the wire a bit. Does that sound right? Or is there something else I should check?

Thanks in advance.

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