Your Worst Traffic Jam Story

Since I’m probably perma grey on the fp. Feel free to share yours.

Late summer 2016, I was coming home on the highway in cincinnati after getting off of my college job early (or so I thought) due to an incoming storm. Torrential downpour ensues, and I’m stuck in a no mans land on I71 where there is no exit for 2 miles either way. Flash floods start occurring under the overpasses to the point where people start locking their engines. I decide to be one of the first to be smart enough to not drive through the water, so that means I am in front of a few miles of stopped traffic while the slip road/entrance to the highway is flooded (and blocked by a barrier= no go), as the water keeps coming up the first couple rows are forced to back up to avoid losing their engines. End up being stopped by the high water for 3 hours, and instead of getting home early, I get home many hours late.


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