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You're given 18 opportunities to drive ANY RACE CAR YOU WANT, ANYWHERE YOU WANT.

The dream: to drive this hot, hot, hot, hot hotness round Green Hell.
The dream: to drive this hot, hot, hot, hot hotness round Green Hell.

Every manufacturer has given you permission, just give a call. Part of the package are the crew, supplies, and one spare should you bin the entire car, somehow. If you’re on a rally raid machine, there’s rescue both ahead and behind you.


Eight of those opportunities will be set in public roads that aren’t race tracks. Street circuits that aren’t used in competition anymore, like Montjuic or Rouen, are part of the public roads stipulation. Officials are ready to close off the route just for you, even rally trails.

(If you really insist on recreating the old Paris-Dakar route, we can call for a ceasefire, but for that to happen, you have to bring at least two opponent racers to make a party.)


So three questions remain: what 18 cars would you drive, and (1) what’s the 9 race tracks/rally events you would drive which 9 cars on, and (2) what9 street/scenic roads would you drive on in the other 9? For the lattermost question, provide a Google Map link for an unknown (to us) route.

Here are mine:

Closed circuits/rally stage:

  1. Iveco PowerStar Dakar Truck at the Mexico 1000
  2. Toyota Celica Turbo 4WD (ST185) at the Safari Rally (it still runs)
  3. Ford Focus RS RX at Rally Monte Carlo
  4. McLaren MP4-6 at Interlagos
  5. Williams FW26B at Potrero de los Funes
  6. Audi R15 TDI plus at Le Mans
  7. BMW M3 GTR (E46) at Macau Guia Circuit
  8. Ferrari 458 GT2 at Mount Panorama
  9. Matra MS120C at the Nordscleife

Public roads

  1. Jaguar D-type at Route de Napoleon
  2. Williams FW15C at the Quezon National Park Diversion Road
  3. Ferrari F2004 at the Atlantic Ocean Road
  4. Honda RA300 at the Hakone Turnpike
  5. Eagle-Weslake T1G at The Tail of The Dragon
  6. Ferrari 312B2 at more or less the same route during Top Gear’s Alfa 4C vs Quadski race (this)
  7. Nissan GT-R GT500 Calsonic at the Nihon Romantic Highway
  8. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV WRC all over Resolute bay in Nunavut
  9. Ferrari FXX K at the Quezon National Park Bitukang Manok

There’s lots of roads out there and just as may cars to choose, if not more, so you’re spoiled for choice. Then again, this will be a difficult thing to do. I knew I had a hard time choosing which ones to take and where to take them.

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