I randomly found this video titled “Dinosaur Attack”, on YouTube. I found it so great because it’s just so bad. I don’t want to point out everything that I found funny, so I’ll just select a few.

First off the dinos, which I think are suppose to be velociraptors, they seem to have an identity crisis. During the first attack it made the same sound as the raptors in the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park (wouldn’t that sound be copyrighted?). During the second attack, it sounded like a big cat, perhaps a jaguar. It’s like it’s vocabulary is comprised of sounds that would be threatening.

I also love the white shirt man with the walking stick. Who is he?!? He’s either in league with the dinos (how though?), or he’s a crazy psychotic homeless man that even the dinos refuse to mess with...which could be a testament to his craziness. [“Who’s the homeless man?” “Don’t mess with him, he has a stick!”]

When the first guy is rescused, they shake hands and he just leaves his hand out, like he is entitled to receive a gun during this Dino-pocalypse. Realizing that he wasn’t handed one, he slowly puts his arm down. Then the army dude thinks “yeah, sure, I can give you a gun”. I known it’s just awkward acting, but it’s still funny and leaves a weird impression with the audience. Army dude, later on, starts giving guns out like candy. And I think he gave the girls the bigger guns.

At the end, where the psychotic homeless man wanders onto the roof of the building, He taps his stick once, and a pterodactyl (?) swoops in and grabs a guy. Coincidence? Perhaps. But it was enough to label him a bad guy. So the girl shoots him and he is down. Then...she proceeds to empty every bullet she has into him. Then everyone else just nonchalantly joins in. [“Hey, she shot that guy!” “That looks like fun!”]


Now, I’ve never been in an apocalypse before, nor encountered dinosaurs, but I’d imagine you’d like to conserve your ammo? Also, how many shots does it take to kill a man? Apparently many.

I say watch the video. I found it funny, and you guys might too. I hope they make a sequel. I will say that despite the poor CG Dino, I felt they did a pretty good job interacting with them, especially the Dino trying to get through the door. I mean, I couldn’t do that.