The one really good thing about youtube is its ability to every once in a while drag something out of the blue that really interested you years ago. Before there was Forza and my shift over to PC, there were only a few racing games besides Gran Turismo which really held my attention. One of them was this game right here.

Midnight Club was the culmination of everything that was so right and oh so wrong about car customization in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Rockstar would eventually release Midnight Club 3, which would culminate in the remix edition which I also spent too much time on. I try to forget about Midnight Club: LA...


This game would see me sink over a thousand hours into it as I began to really find my interests in the automotive world. Combining what seemed to be limitless customization, large maps with online multiplayer (GOD I LOVED MY FAT PS2) as well as a fully fleshed out soundtrack that had a bit of something for everyone and you had a well rounded package that anyone could get into. Over a decade later and still all I have are fond memories and faceless names of the people I encountered in the countless online session I joined.

For those that have played it and want to share in my wave of nostalgia as well, I will start you off with a little push.

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