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You've stumped me, Oppo.

One of you (unfortunately I can’t remember who) posted a question which has me absolutely stumped. And it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. The question was:

“If you had to use your own money to buy a brand new vehicle, what would you buy?”

The kicker here is that it has to be a brand new vehicle. I find this a really difficult question. I’ve personally ever owned one vehicle - my Civic. I bought it used, with 79,000 km on it at the time. It was roughly 5 years old then. Now it has 282,000 km on it, and it’s 17 years old. Mrs. BaconSandwich has owned a few vehicles since we met. All of them have been purchased used. Buying a new vehicle seems like a huge investment, and I really would struggle with forcing myself to spend that much money on something that isn’t a house.

As critical as a reliable vehicle is, it’s still potentially such a huge “investment”. I say investment in quotes because let’s be honest - it’s not going to gain value, it’s going to lose value. And I think that’s where I would struggle. At least with buying a used vehicle lower down on the depreciation curve, you take a bit less of a hit. My parents always taught us to be frugal, and I don’t think they’ve ever bought a brand new vehicle either. Maybe that’s where I get it.

Even though this question was posted quite a while ago, it’s still something that my brain as been ruminating on, and I still don’t have a good answer for it. You’ve stumped me, Oppo.


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