In addition to wrenching on my VW, I also am a pretty avid musician. (Built a couple guitars, have a ton of other instruments, etc).

I go through the CL sites out here in DC and look at the gear for sale. Now we have people here with way too much money and it usually outstrips their talent. They’ll hear their favorite players, find out what equipment they use and buy that. Well whaddya know, they still don’t sound like their favorites. Pro-tip: The tone (and talent) lies in the fingers, the equipment just enhances it.

So there is always super cool stuff for sale that is still way too pricey for me. But I like checking it out anyway. This caught my eye today. Mainly for the coolness factor and the holy shit price.

Now this is a great pedal. Nay, it is an amazing pedal, but unless you are making hella good money as a musician, it’s a ridiculous piece of equipment to own. It’s like giving the keys to a brand new (insert hypercar here) to a kid with a permit. Though no one will potentially die if you turn this pedal up too loud. (I had to tie this in somehow to cars)