YT analytics screwy, says I had a video on Jalopnik back in 2014, but that is impossible, help me find out how?

Hopefully this filter link works. I filtered my youtube videos to oldest. You will see my oldest video is from 5+ years ago (Jan 2011) old GoPro test video, the next one wasn’t until 2 years ago (June 2017) when I began taking automotive content more seriously.

I was taking a look at my YouTube analytics. I always look to see where some of the best hits are coming from. I was scrolling at noticed “” was an external source in June of 2014. It could only be that 2011 video right? It was really bad and could not have been Jalopnik worthy.


I had my writing featured a few times with my M3 on the Jalopnik front page, but that was in 2016.

Even if this was somehow the Camaro 2011 video, when I click on my Camaro video “” is not one of the external sources. Even if it was, you can see Jalopnik view counts, pretty sure the video would have had more than 95 views from being featured on the site.

I could have uploaded some other video and deleted it, but I do not recall any and if it had any analytics from Jalopnik at that point in my career I would have probably saved it as a shining star.


Anyones thoughts? Suggestions? Detective skills in hunting it down?

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