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YUGE trip this weekend! It is bigly.

Motorcycling, mountain biking, beer festival, punk concert, camping!

Leave work Friday on the motorcycle, and head down to the McKenzie River trail, one of the best in the country apparently. Camp there Friday night. Mountain bike the trail Saturday. Some friends are nice enough to bring my mountain bike for me. After mountain biking, I’ll be getting back on the motorcycle and riding out to the painted hills.

Camp somewhere near the painted hills Saturday night. Head to Boise Sunday morning for punk in drublic.


Drink beer. Mosh. Sleep at a friend’s place Sunday night. Then back home Monday. The leg home is a 7+ hour ride.


I have literally all of the excitement right now. You can’t have any. Because I have all of it. I might explode.

My routes all depend on fire conditions and are subject to change at a moment’s notice. But so far so good, with backup plans in place.


Also just picked up a phone charger and ram phone mount for the monster. Again, to reiterate, I have all of the excitement. Hopefully have a nice big photo dump and story for all of you wonderful people when I return. If I don’t die of course.

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