One of 2 special order V90 wagons I saw today. This and a black one with light tan interior.

Also, is 16k a fair price for a 2011 XC70 3.2 FWD base model with 55k miles? its very clean but it feels a little high.

SIDERANT: I freaking hate car shopping. NO I don’t want you to ride along, oh you’re going to anyway? Great.


Salesman: “okay so turn left up here I’ve got a route.”

Me to my wife: “just go where you want.” (she didn’t hear me sadly)


Turning to my wife “so this is the FWD one.”

salesman: “No its AWD.”

Me: “No, its definitely not AWD, it doesn’t have half shafts in the back.”

Salesman: “IT BETTER BE, all XC’s are AWD!”

Me: “No, they make them in FWD too, this one is, I checked.”

Salesman: “Then why are we even driving this one?”

My wife. “we’re driving it because we want to know if we should buy it.”

Much silence....

Look Salesman, if you don’t KNOW...then shut your gob.

If you insist on riding along...then shut your gob.

If we ask you a question like “how much?” your answer shouldn’t be “I’ll have to check when we get back.” you have been in contact with us for DAYS regarding this car and we called you 20 minutes before we arrived.