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Semi-rant after the jump.

Just seeing the Car and a girl post, I kinda want to get something off my chest.


Do you think that post is sexist? Doesn’t fucking matter, they’re banned. Do you like boobs and cars? Doesn’t fucking matter, they’re banned. Do you think the rule shouldnt exist? Doesn’t fucking matter, they’re banned, and no amount of bitching will bring them back. Do you hate the mods enforcing a rule? Doesn’t fucking matter, they’re going to anyways. If you like that kind of stuff there are plenty of places to find it.

Seriously, this is baseless drama that doesnt nothing to help any situation. Doesnt matter which side of the issue you stand, stop feeding the flames, whether its in support or denial or said rule. And yes, I do understand the irony of making a post about the issue and saying that, but I dont care.


Anyways, Oppo on.

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