Yup, dad bought the XC60

Last night my dad bought this eye-searingly red 2018 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription that he test drove on Monday, at my recommendation. There was a brief flirtation with the idea of a new V60 but the XC60 ended up being the right choice for him.

As soon as I posted that he was very close to buying the XC60, I saw the news about the new V60. We both generally prefer wagons to crossovers so I sent him some info on the V60. Because yeah, it’s pretty.


His response:

Oy. Looks nice. Not sure I care to wait, though. This is killing me!

I did some more digging for info on the V60 and found this Volvo USA press release which says:

In the United States, the V60 will be available with T5 FWD, providing 250HP and T6 AWD powertrains providing 316HP.

Dad didn’t want fwd. He also didn’t want to step up to the T6 motor to get awd. He feels like the T5 is enough power for him, it gets better mileage, costs less, and the T6 with its turbo/supercharger setup could be more maintenance down the road for him since he keeps his cars a long time. Plus the dealer offered him a solid deal on the XC60 and he could get it right now instead of wait for whenever the V60 arrives.

I gotta say, this car has an awesome color combo on it. The interior is creamy tan leather but otherwise mostly black, with aluminum trim. The carpets are black too, this pic has a cardboard tray in the driver’s footwell.


Yes, the thigh bolsters are adjustable, as the automotive deities intended.

He also did his due diligence on the idea of keeping his 2007 Saab 9-3 Aero 2.8T convertible. We both figured that since the trade value was so low, if it was cheap for him to keep around, might as well.


He called his insurance to see what the premium would be for keeping it as a low-mileage 3rd car for their household, and took it to his mechanic to check out for any issues. Unfortunately, the notoriously unreliable 2.8T V6 is not in the greatest shape and would take a fair amount of work to keep it on the road much longer. It was showing headgasket failure symptoms. So, he traded it in when he bought the XC60.

I approve of this choice. Because, dat red tho.


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